For your convenience we have a full appointments’ system for all doctors’ and nurses’ surgeries. This means that whether you need an appointment today, tomorrow, next week, or in five weeks’ time you can make an appointment to suit your needs.

Urgent cases will always be seen the same day and emergencies will of course be seen immediately.

To make an appointment please telephone 01525 631395 during surgery hours, come into Reception or make an appointment online – you will need a unique username and password for this facility which you can apply for here.

We kindly ask that all patients try and stick to our ‘One Problem / One Patient  Per Consultation’ policy.  The main reason for this request is for clinical safety.

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Length of Appointments

Our length of appointments is shown below. If you book a routine appointment with the GP, please bear in mind that the doctor will only be able to discuss a limited number of matters with you in that time. You are strongly advised to be prepared to raise your most important healthcare concern at the beginning of the Consultation – don’t be afraid to write down the details and bring them with you, if that will help. If your needs are particularly complex, your GP may ask you to make a follow-up appointment out of courtesy to other patients who are due to be seen after you.

  • GP (Routine) 10
  • GP (Post Natal) 20
  • GP (Coils and Implants) 30
  • GP (Cryotherapy) 10
  • GP (Minor Surgery) 15-45
  • GP (Non NHS Work) Details on request
  • Nurse (Asthma) 20
  • Nurse (Diabetes) 30
  • Nurse (Travel Vaccination) 20 per patient
  • Nurse (Childhood Immunisations) 10-20
  • Nurse (Smear Test) 20
  • Flu Vaccination Clinic (adult) 5
  • Flu Vaccination Clinic (child) 10
  • Phlebotomist 5-10
  • Midwife 15