DNA & Missed Appointments

Do you feel frustrated when you cannot get an appointment?

Patients who don’t attend their appointment, or who cancel at such short notice that we are unable to offer the appointment to somebody else, cause significant amounts of wasted time, and affect the availability of appointments for everyone else. Non-attendance is a major issue for the NHS. Missed appointments can also increase inappropriate and unnecessary A&E attendance.

The figures in the table below demonstrates the number of appointments missed and time wasted at the surgery due to DNA’s.
The effect of this is an increase in waiting time for appointments, frustration for both staff and patients, a waste of NHS resources, and a potential risk to the health of the patient.

Also, if we have the patient’s mobile phone number and consent we can now send a text message to remind patients that they have an appointment with us. So please keep the surgery informed about your latest mobile number.

Please notify the surgery in good time if you are unable to keep your appointment so that it can be offered to somebody else!

DNA’s 2016/17

Month Appointment Count Time Wasted (in minutes)
January 2016 53 675
February 2016 44 510
March 2016 48 575
April 2016 58 783
May 2016 56 703
June 2016 73 829
July 2016 60 665
August 2016 55 565
September 2016 39 453
October 2016 57 800
November 2016 55 835
December 2016 56 670
January 2017 54 690
February 2017 50 680